Archway History in Images

Here is the Archway Tavern we know today, the horse and cart travelling up what used to be the A1, later Archway Close. The Tavern faced the original Methodist Hall, replaced in the 1930s by the current Deco one, paid for by prominent Methodist J Arthur Rank, who also funded the Methodist cinema behind.

The 1930s aerial photograph is courtesy of the Archway Methodist Hall and shows their buildings. You can see a larger print in their entrance Hall.

Lower Highgate Hill around the 1920s featured the half dome entrance to a cinema, complete with a flag advertising a Charlie Chaplin film.



The view in the opposite direction shows the cinema on the left. You can just see the dome of St Joseph’s in the distance.




Finally, an image of what was lost to road building. This is Whittington Almshouses, demolished to make way for the Archway Road dual carriageway, the gardens and layout visible in the aerial photograph above.


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