Do you want more trees planted in Archway? 

Are there trees in need of  more care?

Do the trees need fencing to protect the trunk? 
Do they need tree surgery? 

If you have any problems to report or suggestions, contact the tree officers at Islington Council via And write to your councillors to request more funding for greening. For contact details see

Value of Trees

London has assessed the financial value of the city's trees and the calculation is that in total they are worth £6bn - see

The criteria are: 

  • Size

  • Surrounding population density (how many people can enjoy the tree)

  • The size of the canopy

  • The tree's life expectancy

  • The tree's impact (flower, damage/mess from falling fruit etc)

  • Any special eg historical associations.

For more information see the report at 


Islington does not want to release the value of its own trees but given that total, they must be pretty valuable. 

Tree Surgery 

If a tree needs surgery check if it is a Conservation Area or if the tree in question is subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) - more details at

There is no right to light associated with trees so unless it is causing an actual nuisance, i.e. touching the building/property or preventing you from walking around in your garden, the tree owner is not required to undertake any works.

If the tree is within a Conservation Area or has a TPO on it, you will also need to contact Islington Planning and complete a Notification/Application of works form.


If the tree is damaged or left in a dangerous/unsafe condition then those undertaking the works would be liable in the event of an incident involving the tree, and potentially also for loss of asset valuation associated with the tree.