Other Arts

There are plenty of other arts activities based in Archway. If you know of others, please send us details to contact@livinginarchway.org.uk

Academy of the Science of Acting and Directing (ASAD)


In Elthorne Road, running a range of full-time evening and short courses.


Byam School of Art


Founded in 1910 and since 2003 part of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, a relatively small school specialising in fine art, based in Elthorne Road.

The Jazzberries


Providing a full range from background trio to full dance band, have performed at clubs & festivals, private parties, weddings & events - including at 10 Downing Street! "Fabulous!!" Elton John (at his White Tie & Tiara Ball)

Pallas Athene Publishing


Specialists in interesting (and attractive) travel books.


Peirene Press


Specialists in English translations of European novels which can be read in the time it takes to watch a DVD.



Hargrave Park Extended Community School, Bredgar Road N19 5BS www.scarabeus.co.uk

Award-winning aerial arts company which produces large-scale productions in unusual spaces using physical theatre, stilts, abseiling, aerial dance and acrobatics. The company also teaches the skills to children and parents/carers in family units.  


WTW Jazz

Hargrave Hall, CB Johnson Tel: 07713 306584 or Geoff Burton Tel: 0207 2725996 or 07903 911524 geofburton@btinternet.com

Offers musicians with their own instruments (piano and drums provided) an opportunity to develop theoretical and improvisation skills  8 -10.30pm Monday evenings with drop-in workshop for all, and Friday evenings in a big band for those with grade 5 music and above. The WTW Community Jazz Band and WTW Big Band offers low cost performances for community organisations like schools, and also take commercial bookings.