Planning Rules on Advertising

Advertisements can be fun but they can also be clutter. And in a stressful environment, they can add to that stress. This is particularly relevant in an area like Archway which has a high level of mental health issues. It can therefore sometimes it can be helpful to object to advertisements and help create a calmer street environment. 

Signs and advertising require permission if: 

  • Back-lit

  • Not an integral part of the building (like the sign on top of the Archway Tavern)

  • Bigger than 0.3sq.m. 

If relating to a institution, block of flats, pub etc they must be

  • not more than 1.2sq.m per street frontage 


  • for the goods or services available at the particular premises and  

    • no letter, figure, symbol or similar feature more than 0.75m high and 

    • have its highest part no more than 4.6 meters above ground level or higher than the bottom of a 1st floor window in the wall. 

There are also issues about not distracting drivers, so the billboard at one time on the back of the Archway Tavern for example was removed at the direction of traffic engineers.