Planning Enforcement

This is the Islington department in charge of ensuring that property owners stick to the rules on what they build or attach to their buildings. For example, this is the department responsible for the removal of the oversupply of fake estate agent boards which appear at intervals on Junction Road.

Planners can also make sure that when work is carried out it’s done so as to improve the area. An example would be the old Quasar space above the Co-op which was refurbished externally as a condition of the permission for internal building works. 

Planning Enforcement can work to prevent the loss of shop space to other uses without planning permission, it can also prevent excess signage, for example on shops, and require adherence to conservation area guidance, all of which keep the area looking cared for. 

To see the difference it makes take a look at This was built for English Heritage by an Archway resident - try spotting the buildings. The benefits of enforcement are clearly shown. 


Most of Archway outside the ‘70s estates is conservation area. For a map see Under Planning and Environment there is an option to click on Conservation Areas. This shows the areas in and around Archway. 
To report problems, particularly in the conservation areas, which include Junction Road, contact and ask for the issue to be referred to enforcement and copy the local councillors. For their contact details see a

and search on Junction and Hillrise wards.