Phone Boxes and Cable Cabinets

Phone Kiosks

Most phone kiosks are owned by two companies. If the phone or the kiosk needs repair or cleaning, contact the owner to report it.

For BT, contact: 0800 661 610, option 1  - office hours only

Out of office hours call 100

For ClearChannel, contact: 020 7478 3701

Street Cable Cabinets

Many if not most cable cabinets (sometimes grey, sometimes black) are owned by Virgin Media.

The doors are frequently open and when this is the case the cabinet interiors may be being used for drug dealing. To report issues contact Virgin:

Tel 0870 888 3116, asking for cabinet maintenance.

option 3 for repairs

option 2 if the doors are just swinging open.

Alternatively Tel 0870  888 3116 or Tel 0845 454 1111.

The more people who complain, the better the chances of getting repairs done quickly. This is also important because open doors lead to damage inside cabinet which will affect the service to those the cabinet serves.

Manhole covers relating to Virgin Media - use the same contact details please.