There is a growing problem in urban areas. If you have a problem, keep a log of when you are disturbed. This will help the council in their efforts to deal with the issue.

Reporting noise helps you and your neighbours because the more people who report it, the better your chance of getting the matter dealt with.

The department to contact is: 

Noise Service

Public Protection Division

During the day phone: 020 7527 3258 (office hours)

At night phone 020 7527 3229 (8pm to 2am Sunday to Thursday, 10pm to 4am Friday and Saturday)

The noise team needs to witness the noise from your property before they can act on it. They are normally very understanding and helpful.  At night it is best to report a problem immediately, and we have found that they will generally get back to you within one hour.

For more on noise, including policy documents and surveys, look at: