Archway Shops

There has been a complete change in the shops in Archway, as is evident from photographs from the late 19th and early 20th century. The panoramas above are at the top end of Junction Road, the lower image of the western side showing the buildings which were demolished.

Some have survived but the shops are very different, like these premises on the corner of Holloway Road and Hargrave Road - now Paddy Power and from the opposite side what is now a minimarket and William Hills below Elthorne Court. 

These are businesses on the old main road, later Archway Close. 

The 'up to date' tobacconist was at 3 Highgate Hill, demolished for Archway Tower though the By Royal Appointment dairy on Junction Road still exists - albeit with a rather less fancy frontage. 




The Hideway on Junction Road was once the Tramway Coffee Rooms and Dining Room, presumably serving those working on the trams which were parked.