Artists in Archway

There are large numbers of artists living and working in Archway. Here are links to some of them. If you know of others, please send us details to

Emily Ault 
Paintings, for example of Highgate Woods

Andrea Galer
Award winning costume designer. Also also creates exhibitions, installations and documentary films, as well as made to measure clothes. Supports traditional craftspeople in Sri Lanka. 

Olga Geoghegan
Exhibiting in Russia, the UK and other European venues; still lives, portraits and genre paints. 

Jo Hill
“Abstract" photographs of the local  area - many of Holloway Road

Martin Kelly
Artist / scenic artist / art teacher / film maker exhibited in London, Malvern, Bath, Manchester, Pershore and Sydney. Also teaches

Gandha Key
Artist, printmaker and internet project curator.

Valery Koroshilov
Award-winning Russian painter, work including portraits.

Stella Michael 
Abstracts, drawing inspiration from the Artist’s Way. 

Ron Muek
Major art name, known especially for disproportionately sized figures - a giant baby for example. 

George Perendia
Mixed media metaphysical paintings and sculptural works considering the chaos and transient nature of humanity and environment 

Sally Temple
Student at St Martin’s School of Art,and Sir John Cass School of Art, producing large, abstract works, exhibiting at the Beardsmore Gallery. 

Fiona Woodcock